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Pimple Popping compilation 2017 GIANT Cyst and Zits Blackhead Biggest Pimple Pop Ever

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If you like videos consisting of pimples, blackheads, zits, pimple Blackheads and Zits treatment and ingrown hairs then SUBSCRRIBE my Channel .

This VIDEO IS most TERRIBLE Video you'll ever watch in your life, PLZ calm down AND WATCH IT :))

Thanks for watching! Warning: This video is shocking for someone. You should not do this at home! please see your doctor. General hospital. If you are uncomfortable about this, please let me know. Please don't flagged my channel. Thanks you for watching.

Simple Steps Pop a Pimple:
STEP 1: Freshly scrubbed face and hands.

STEP 2: Using a hot compress of some sort (such as a washcloth soaked in hot water), apply heat and pressure to the area of the pimple for at least haft minute. It helps soften the skin around the blemish, allowing for an easier extraction.

STEP 3: I prefer toilet paper-wrapped fingertips, myself. It keeps the process sterile, and allows you to get a controlled grip on the skin surrounding the blemish.

STEP 4: Time to squeeze! The #1 most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to squeeze the contents of the zit upwards.

STEP 5: After you have finished squeezing, gently dab the area clean with an alcohol-based toner or cleansing pad. Don't put makeup over the blemish while it is still open and oozing!

Take your skin clean and safety

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