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Hey guys welcome to my channel! Cecilys Natural! In todays video ill be showing you how to use aloe vera for faster hair growth! and explain how using aloe for faster hair growth can really benefit the overall health of your hair! aloe vera has so many powerful properties that's amazing for not only your hair but also your skin! hair growth and having healthy strong hair is defiantly my focus this year when it comes to my hair and in this video you will find out why this diy aloe hair mask can help you achieve that much faster!


In today’s video we’re going to be making another DIY hair mask! Using the magic plant that everybody has been raving about! ALOE VERA!!

Aloe Vera is bomb for just about everything! You need clear skin! Use aloe Vera! You want longer hair! Use aloe Vera!

When you want to grow long healthy hair, focusing on your scalp and making sure your scalp is nice and healthy is a big part of growing that beautiful healthy hair we all want!

Aloe Vera has powerful healing properties! Such as, it can repair dead skin cells on your scalp, it’s a great conditioner for your hair! Which is going to leave you with nice shiney smooth hair!

Aloe vera contains lots of Powerful enzymes, which help heal and repair, damaged cells in your scalp. This is going to improve the health of the hair follicles and indirectly boosts healthy and faster hair growth. ... The moisture content of aloe vera helps condition your hair, locking in nutrients and hydration!

So here’s the magic plant, I will say it was fairly hard to find! I went to 3 different stores to find this! But if you have a Whole Foods you can find it there! I’ll Save y’all some gas and time! I was literally driving all around town for this plant!

So now let’s prep our aloe Vera plant and whip up our diy hair growth mask!

I’m just going to cut the ends of both sides of the aloe Vera plant off

So now just cut your plant into a few pieces, and then Cut those prices open of course so that we can get to all of the good stuff, then im just going to grab a bowl and spoon and just scoop out all that good ol aloe Vera and whenever some of the jelly like stuff isn’t really coming up easily all you have to do is kind of press down on it an way more will easily come up

So I’m just going to cut my aloe plant directly down the middle and then you want to just scoop out all that jelly looking stuff which is the good stuff and I’m going to just put into a bowl

Then I’m going to add my all time favorite oil! If you’ve been watching my channel for a while then you already know! It’s my Jamaican black caster oil! Which is also amazing for hair growth!

So just mix that up! And now it’s time to apply it

Okay so I’ve already shampooed my hair I wanted my scalp to be nice and clean so the aloe hair mask can really reach my cuticles and do its thang! And I’ll also be doing this on wet hair! Just because my hair is so thick I won’t be able to part my hair if it isn’t wet.

So I’m just going to part my hair into four sections and part smaller parts and apply the mask to my scalp and massage it in as I go

Omg, this feels so good to my scalp!! It’s so cooling like when you put something minty on your scalp! That’s what it feels like! I like this!

Okay so once it’s all applied you want to just grab your plastic cap or a Walmart bag! Which is what I’m using! And I’m going to let it sit overnight! And come back and let you all know how my hair feels!

Be sure to share this video with someone you know this would benefit and subscribe and turn on your notifications so you won’t miss out on my next hair growth hack! Thank you so much for watching! And I really hope you learned something from this video!

I big chopped June 10th, 2014 and I'm on my natural hair journey to waist length hair! On my channel you can find natural hair tips, hairstyle tutorials for natural hair, hair growth tips, funny story times, product reviews an hauls, baby videos, family videos, family vlogs and lots of fun! Subscribe to become apart of the squad!

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