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Hand Pampering with Lotion and Oil ASMR

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I took off my old clear coat with nail polish remover and cotton balls. Then I moisturized my nails and hands with oil. Then I used a nice thick lotion. And then my hands were super prune-y. lol. Made with my Tascam Dr-40. Enjoy! Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and like this video!

Wednesday 8 pm : Hi Fi Tascam Dr-40
Friday 8 pm : Lo Fi Friday
Saturday 9 pm : Hi Fi Tascam Dr-40
Sunday 1 pm : Series Sunday

I am an electrical engineering student, hence the name Electrical ASMR. I have loved ASMR for years and decided to make videos with triggers I love. I am triggered whenever there isn't a pattern to the ASMR so I wanted to create ASMR with that in mind.

Email: electricalasmr@gmail.com
Tip Jar: paypal.me/electricalasmr
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