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Permanent Hair Straightening at Home | Natural Ingredients Hair Mask

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Hey guys! Today I'll be sharing with you all how I naturally improve the texture of my hair using this DIY Keratin Treatment Hair Mask at home which will permanently straighten your hair if you use it regularly. Please note that the results I showed int the video is what I got after using it fir 3 months regularly, once every week.

How to make coconut milk at home:
Take a fresh coconut & take off/ peal the brown part, cut the soft white part in pieces ( there should not be anything brown in it) , then put the pieces in the mixer & blend it well without any water.
When it is crushed into fine particles then in the second time put some water ( approx 2-3tbs ) and blend it in a thick paste.
Then you have to strain this paste or take a cotton dupatta above a katori/cup and extract/strain the milk from the paste.

If you don't want to use all this you can simply buy nestle's coconut milk.

All other ingredients are mentioned in the video & I hope this really helps you! Please SHARE this video as much as you can :)

#HairStraightAtHome #StraightenHairNaturallyAtHome

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